Statement from the Trustees of Smart Choices (formerly For Jimmy)


We would like to share some very important news with you:


Our journey to date:


As you are aware, For Jimmy (now Smart Choices), was founded in 2009 by Barry and Margaret Mizen MBE’s after the murder of their son Jimmy. 


For the past eleven years the charity has focussed tirelessly on empowering young people, building safer communities and raising awareness of Jimmy’s story. A legacy of forgiveness, peace and hope.  


In April 2020 Barry and Margaret Mizen took the decision to independently continue their work through their newly formed Mizen Foundation. We thank them for their strength, their courage and their vision which underpinned much of the work they undertook at For Jimmy. Undoubtedly, this has laid the strong foundations to enable Smart Choices to transition into the next stage of its development.


We’re proud of what has been achieved together and wish them well in the future.


Our Vision:


There is a very specific challenge that we as a society need to tackle and that is seeing an end to the cycle of youth violence. As a result, we have recently refocussed our services and rebranded as Smart Choices. This new name reflects our vision to live in a world where young people are:


  • Emotionally resilient and know how to form healthy relationships
  • Confident, wise and considerate in their decisionmaking
  • Responsible citizens who fulfil their potential


Our range of services now include programmes and interventions aimed at helping the most ‘at risk’ children and young people to break the cycle of youth violence.


Catapulted into the “digital age”:


Even during these unprecedented times, the work hasn’t stopped. We are acutely aware of the effect that Covid-19 has had on so many of our at-risk and vulnerable young people. We are therefore delighted to have continued to serve our communities using technology. This has meant on-line 1:1 coaching and mentoring as well as group workshops.


Smart Choices has also developed digital programmes to support the reintegration, resocialisation and reengagement of children and young people who are struggling to get back into their school environment.   


And last but not least, we are proud to be partnering with the London Borough of Newham as part of their summer programme for young people.   


We have an experienced and committed staff team to help make this vision a reality. With your continued support we can accelerate the realisation of that vision. We thank you in advance. 


The Board of Trustees, July 2020

Breaking the Cycle of Youth Violence
Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime
Newham Council

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